Magnesium Spray

Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Baking Soda

These Dennerolls are amazing for helping to correct cervical imbalances. It is extremely important to use these correctly or your time could have been wasted according to CT scans performed before and after treatments. 

Laying face up with the Denneroll placed under the neck you want to make sure your knees are bent and feet flat on the ground. When complete place hand under the neck and do not activate the neck muscles, lift the head up and push the Denneroll out and then lower the head back to the ground. Wait at least 30 seconds before rolling to the side to get up. This gives the spinal fluid a chance to reset and the neck muscles a chance to relax before being used. The CT scans performed found the work to be undone if the client was to immediate get up after using the Denneroll. 

Foam Rolling

Around 75% of the population are magnesium body can heal or recover without sufficient levels of magnesium. Apply this spray topically to sore muscles and recovery will be sped up. Sometimes this spray can cause the skin to itch or burn, if that happens just add water or lotion to dilute it. Its especially painful if the skin has been freshly shaved, so definitely do not use after shaving. 

Denneroll Cervical Foam Curve Neck Support

MSM PURE by Kala Health

Made of Organic Sulfur Crystals so if you have a Sulfur allergy this product may not be for you.

MSM is another vital supplement. It assists with decalcifying our joints and removing unhealthy excess calcium build up from our body such as which cases bones spurs or when it get stuck in muscle tissue, major muscle pain and stiffness. Any long time athlete understands these things, but these can also be the effect of toxic fluoride levels built up in the body which lead to over calcification. MSM will help break and flush these. When taken along with Vitamin C the absorption is increased as the two supplements have very good synergy.

Kayla suggests taking up to 8000mg a day but slowly working up to this level as to not cause too quick of detox. Starting with 2000mg a day is a good place to begin and slowly adding in more as you notice your body is not having any heavy detox symptoms. Best when taken with you Vitamin C dosage and divided up a couple times a day. DO NOT TAKE IT YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO SULFUR unless instructed to by your doctor and while under your doctors care.

This product can also be found almost anywhere as well as on Amazon.

Kayla often suggests to her clients to use the most dense foam roller they can find to keep their spinal column open between treatment sessions.

Taking the foam roller long way place it at the base of the occipital bone of the head so the neck is able to stretch back and hang over the foam roller. The foam roller should stretch the entire length of the spine. Let the arms fall to the ground palms face up and stretch the shoulder blades around the foam roller. Imagine each vertebrae opening and stretching the opposite direction from how they normally do, allow the chest to open further with each breath. This will help to fight the normal curling  and shortening of the pecs and shoulders caused by too much computer work, driving and sitting.

Epsom Salt Baths are amazing for pulling inflammation out of the body but because of the type of magnesium it will only drawn out inflammation for so long, after 15-18mins the effects reverse and the contents of the bath tub will be drawn back into the body and then some. If your tissue is feeling weighed down and/or extra sore an Epsom Salt Soak may be just the thing.

Baking Soda Baths are just what the doctor ordered if someone is feeling completely wiped out and physically exhausted. Baking soda is amazing at remineralizing the body and bringing it back to balance. There is no time restraint to this bath so stay in as long as desired.

Dead Sea Salt Baths are wonderful for emotional release. There are also no time restraints to these baths so enjoy for as long as needed.

Hyperice VYPER Vibrating Foam Roller

Hyperice has created, by far, my favorite foam roller!! This roller has three different settings and can move lactic acid build up from your muscle tissue. If you are sore and not able to move very well after a workout you will fall in love with this foam roller!!

The Body Integration Specialist Inc.

Electrolytes by Trace Minerals Research

Electrolyte Stamina is by far the most incredible brand I have ever found!! Incredibly clean and full of lots of good stuff...including alfalfa which helps break down gallstones. 

This is a daily supplement that the company suggests that you take 4-6 tablets per day.

Kayla's suggestion for your first bottle of 300 tablets is 4 tablets 3x daily for the first 25 days. This is because the mass majority of us are dehydrated and when that happens its generally because our body is lacking the basic balance of vital salts within our cell walls. When this happens each cell has a built in survival mechanism and it is absolutely not going to allow water through the cell wall until that salt balance is restored. The reason for this is because the cell will die if it does not have this perfect percentage of salt to water ratio; therefore, your cell will remain dehydrated....meaning you are likely urinating out all the water you are drinking. This simple science tells us that certain salts are more important than we think and we must balance out our salts on a daily basis with a clean and balanced electrolyzing supplement.

Now this regimen of 12 electrolytes a day is likely to cause diarrhea as has been known to cause "black sludge" type bowel movements which can be the cellular debris and waste finally making its way out of your cells. 

Another thought to ponder...if the majority of our Vitamins and Minerals are water soluble and need water to make it through each cell wall, are those getting through when water isn't even getting through?Again making these Electrolytes a vital daily supplement.

Electrolyte Stamina is that supplement and can be found pretty much anywhere; including Amazon.